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A Step by Step Guide for Starting Charcoal Without Using Lighter Fluid

The sensitivity of lighter liquid can greatly impact on the taste of your barbecue. The lighter fluid affects the food one is cooking by either interfering with the chemical content or the smell of the food. To the human body, the ingested chemicals affect the body of the person that consumed the food. Let’s try to teach ourselves how to start charcoal without lighter fluid. There exists a number of mechanisms available traditionally to achieve this. The methods to use to start charcoal without the use of charcoal fluid are deliberated below.

Firstly, let’s consider using the starter chimney to achieve this. Newspapers here are used to make sure the charcoal is lit efficiently. At the bottom of the chimney, insert some bales of newspapers. Cover the starter top with charcoal pieces, make sure the top is filled and covered fully, and allow it to access the paper pieces at the bottom. At the center of the grills, start a flame the set it to be appearing from all the points of the grill to an increased surface area. While top pieces are not grey in color, wait for them to turn grey then tip the coals on the trellis. Then finally, make sure the openings are open for a bigger fire set.

Secondly, you may decide to start the fire by the use of local newspapers available. Here, you first open the opening and clean by removing the ashes to allow free circulation of air in the vents. This will ensure consistent airflow in the charcoals and provide sufficient oxygen for burning to take place. Put some the papers at the midpoint of the grill. Newspapers are considered very fast in catching flames and highly encouraged for starting flames and this will make out the charcoal to start very fast than normal. On top of the newspapers put some sticks with higher flaming points following the papers. Finally, place some pieces of charcoal on top of the sticks previously placed. Light the flame and put it on the grill from all the corners of the grill. As the charcoal starts to get exhausted, steadily add others to continue cooking effectively as the grey color appears.

Lastly, keep in mind the following points to maintain the flame positively. Unite the coals for a good flame. Increase the coals in the grill frequently. Ventilate the grill for air circulation to take place. Empty the ash as it builds up. Seal up any unused briquets.

Its calm to start flame when lacking lighter fluid.

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